Great Lakes Trail Marker Tree Society
Founder and President: Dennis Downes

"The bronze trail marker by Dennis Downes is a powerful reminder of a bye-gone era. As Chicago celebrates its 175th anniversary as a city in 2012, it is too easy to forget that for centuries and centuries before then, this very same land was home to countless generations of inhabitants. They left their marks in the trees, some of which still survive to point out the paths that those people followed. Now, an important local artist has left a permanent representation of those trees. This artistic creation will help us to remember the people who were here first and the paths that they blazed."
Gary Johnson - President
Chicago History Museum

Bronze Sculpture: Trail Marker Tree installed on private residence (2017)

Bronze Sculpture: Trail Marker Tree installed in Antioch Illinois (2019)

16' Trail Tree Sculpture
Lake County Discovery Museum

24” Bronze Trail Tree Sculpture

845 West Sheridan Road, Chicago

Bronze Trail Marker Tree on display at Wisconsin Estate

Trail Tree Sculpture
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This Bronze Trail Marker Tree sculpture is available from Downes Studio.

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